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Original title: jay chou \"no business\" open milk tea shop again! Powder cup, powder menu, powder piano, the whole shop is capital \"Princess Wind \"! Net friend: Milk tea drink cool album out?


In the past few years, the image of jayren's \"no business\" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the old woman, do fashion cards, open restaurants, play e-sports, but only a little, after 2019, the agreed album still do not know when to issue.


Of course, it's milk tea to talk about what's deadest with Jellen Lock! Record song to drink milk tea, take a good brother out to play to drink milk tea, even MV heroine also to work in the milk tea shop!


Sure enough, everything from the \"you are my excellent beauty\" began to be doomed, recently, jellen for their love of milk tea added a stroke, what did? He opened another milk tea shop!


And shop inside the decoration, all eyes on a word - powder! The accompanying cup is pink, the menu is pink, even the ribbon and small pendant on the Christmas tree are all pink!


In addition, there are too many elements related to the store, you can see through the Q version of the villain, is not to drink pearl milk tea of the Jaylen Benlun.


When it comes to Jay Chou, it's natural to miss his album. Since the release of Jay in 2000, Jay has released a dozen albums. Looking back, it turns out that his album's cover design can be very fastidious. )


Although it is a simple face, but the dark yellow tone has a nostalgic texture, and the Jaylen album seal a qualitative leap, from this \"Ye Huimei \", because from this, his album cover has been contracted by a designer - Taiwan's many days after the\" royal designer \"Nie Yongzhen!


Among them, the most favorite is the one from 2006, the yellow folding fan not only with the wall, the embroidery on Jeron, also very expensive in the color, plus the beautiful little braid, the Chinese style clothing, and the ocean spraying``Huo Yuanjia'' three calligraphy words, is the best embodiment of``Chinese style'' !


Perhaps the older the more \"little public \",2011\" exclamation mark\" painting style has become like this, the entire cover like a cartoon, jeren turned into a sailor, want to fish boat anchor but caught a giant octopus, a few drops of cold sweat next to the face is too cute!


This time, zhou dong opened a milk tea shop, although another group of people rushed to punch, but for fans, has long been no surprise - because these years, jeren's sideline is really too much! We all know that Jaylen likes to play e-sports, so he opened a web bar, the strongest surface Internet bar.


And after the strongest surface of the two british, french station clothing, are specially customized by Yamamoto Yaoshi asked, can let Yamamoto Yaoshi design concert costumes who else!


Once upon a time, Jaylen was a model student in the music world, never broke a contract every year, and lasted for nine years in one breath, but now, when did the last album come out? 2016...


Because for the post-90s,\" jay \"these three words, witnessed our first love, changed a vote of people's speech and behavior, can even say that he is our entire youth ah, for him, the post-90s can take out the ability to\" steal vegetables, grab parking space \", go to Weibo to brush a wave of their own do not know what the \"data \", finally piggyback also got a top.


So, as a fan, just want to say to jeren, milk tea you drink, ice cream you eat, game you play casually, as for the album, just \"do what you say\" oh.

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