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China News Agency Correspondent Chen Wen \"src=\"\/simg\/cmshd\/2020\/01\/09\/\" style=\" border: pxsolid #000000\" title=\" Information Chart: China Table Tennis Association President Liu Guoliang attends the China Open Awards Presentation Ceremony. Reporter \"\/>


Client Beijing January 10(Xing Rui)10, China Table Tennis Association President Liu Guoliang welcomed his 44th birthday. Looking back on the past year, under the leadership of Liu Guoliang, the achievements of table tennis have made steady progress. Now, less than 200 days before the Tokyo Olympic Games, can Liu Guoliang lead the team to dominate Tokyo?


At the beginning of last year, Liu Guoliang, who had just taken office, set a \"strictest assessment index \": in the event with a total score of 18000 points in 2019, Guo Ping had to get 12000 points to pass.


However, last year's competition was highly contested, with a total of 17,500 points in nine events, losing only the mixed-doubles champion of the china open. Of the 60 winners of last season's 12-game ITF World Tour, the country also won 43 titles, taking an absolute advantage in numbers. Having completed the \"small goal\" set at the beginning of the year, mr. liu did not have to withhold his salary near the end of the year.


Reporter Hong Shaokui \"src=\"\/simg\/cmshd\/2020\/01\/09\/\" style=\" border: pxsolid #000000\" title=\" Information Chart: Liu Guoliang at the press conference. Reporter Hong Shaokui \"\/>


Although the score exceeded expectations, but in the year-end summary, liu guoliang said:\" achievement reached the goal, the process is still not satisfied.\" Through a year of competition, liu guoliang is still looking for problems for the country, in his view, the members of the psychological pressure resistance needs to be improved, technical and daily training details there is room for progress.


Liu Guoliang's concern is not too much, although the progress of the past year is obvious to all, but the world's table tennis world has striven to achieve in a short period of time \"bend overtaking \", Germany, South Korea and other athletes constantly hit the country's table line, Japanese players Zhang Benzhihe, Ito Meicheng and others, but also grew into a top table tennis opponent. A few days ago, the Japan Table Tennis Association announced the Tokyo Olympic team, Zhang Ben, Ito leading a number of masters have been waiting for the arrival of the country table, can be predicted that the Tokyo Olympic Games, Liu Guoliang and the team will face a \"bloodbath \".


However, the strong always dare to face up to the challenge, liu guoliang in the plight of the return, he made it clear that one of the purposes of his return is to \"accompany the country table, war tokyo.\" In 2003, Liu Guoliang,27, became the youngest male coach in the history of China's table tennis. After 17 years, he was mocked by fans as a \"fat man who didn't know the ball \", but it was gratifying that in his 44th year of life, he still fought for the first line of table tennis.


China News Agency Reporter Mao Jianjun \"src=\"\/simg\/cmshd\/2020\/01\/09\/\" style=\" border: pxsolid #000000\" title=\" Information Chart: Unretired Liu Guoliang in the competition. Reporter Mao Jianjun \"\/>


From the player to the coach, and then to the chairman of the table tennis association, the change of status also means the aggravation of the responsibility. Looking back at the year when Liu Guoliang served as the chairman of the table tennis association, the results he handed over were undoubtedly excellent. In addition to leading the country to create more brilliance, a number of his reforms are in full swing. His short-term goal is the Tokyo Olympics, but in his mind there is a more long-term plan: how to make table tennis more popular worldwide.


\"Table tennis is not only Chinese but also the world, the world ping-pong needs China, and China ping-pong is willing to embrace the world,\" he said. Obviously, the 44-year-old liu guoliang and table tennis will start another journey in their lives, after the ups and downs of life, we have reason to believe that this \"do not understand the ball fat\" will bring a different surprise. (end)