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Yesterday, the company's new shares have been on the Internet to purchase, the issue price of yuan, the issue price-earnings ratio as high as times. Force field jun (wechat \"fundamental force field \") a special look, the net shows that the industry price-to-earnings ratio, that is, the valuation of five times the same industry companies.


The core business is cloud services, including public cloud, private cloud, mixed cloud three-mode services, to put it bluntly, data transmission, storage and computing. I really don't think that such a business form has any core competitiveness, let alone can afford the word \"science creation \"; because the industry itself is a very mature industry, the competition is very fierce, the companies in this industry mostly live hard.


The closest to the current listing, or the dataport that landed on the main board in February 2017, is also the relatively best of the three companies: double-digit growth has been achieved in 2017,2018, but net profit has fallen by% in the first three quarters of 2019.


Another gem technology is old-fashioned, with net profit of up to 100 million yuan in the first half of this year, but if the investment gains from the sale of subsidiaries are excluded, the results are scum, and the net profit from the first three quarters of 2017 to 2019 is -%、%、-% year-on-year


As for Gaosheng Holdings, not to mention it, are ready to delisting goods. Force field Jun (WeChat \"fundamental force field \") if the sponsor of the company, do not want to list this peer in the prospectus, too humiliating.


As for your own financial data, it is also worth worrying for investors,2017 net profit is as high as% year-on-year,2018 performance growth has fallen to%; in the first half of 2019, the net profit of your mother is only 10,000 yuan, equivalent to only one tenth of the full year 2018. Isn't it worth being vigilant?


Despite the performance, the appetite for good money was so great that the four projects listed in the prospectus involved nearly 2 billion dollars in capital and a total investment of up to $100 million.


What concept is this? By the end of the first half of 2019, the total assets were only 100 million yuan, and the net assets were only 100 million yuan. What does this make of a science board?


In addition, the force field jun (wechat \"fundamental force field \") also suggested that a focus on the composition of the shareholders, the largest shareholder ji xinhua only%, after the listing will certainly be lower; ji xinhua, mo xianfeng and hua kun three concerted actioners have a total of less than 27%, leaving a large number of shares scattered in the hands of many professional investment institutions.


That means that only the 27% of the lock-ins held by ji xinhua, mo xianfeng and hua kun are fixed for three years, and the lock-ins of other investment institutions are only one year. At that time, the price-earnings ratio of 181 times, will face much pressure to reduce holdings, it is not difficult to imagine.