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In the wake of the 9\/11 attacks, Pentagon officials often offered less realistic strategic options to the president to make other options more acceptable. Providing the president with an extreme option has become the norm at the Pentagon, as has happened since Trump took office.


Recently, amid continued tensions in Iran and the Middle East, Defense Department officials have offered Trump a series of responses to Iran as usual. For programme proponents,\" decapitating \"iranian major general sulaimani is one of the most extreme and unrealistic options.


Trump angrily chose the most extreme option after blaming Iran for the U.S. embassy attack in Baghdad, the New York Times revealed on Thursday.


Trump ' s decapitation decision was based on intelligence warning US embassies, consulates, and military personnel in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon of threats from Iran.


“Days, weeks," said Gen. Mark A. Miller, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Miley said on Wednesday how the attack would be "imminent." But he did not provide more details, but said the information on the plot was "clear and clear ".


But some officials privately expressed doubts about the rationale for \"decapitating\" Suleimani. According to an official, intelligence has shown that General Suleimani's journey in the days prior to the attack \"as usual.\"


The official told the new york times that the intelligence that mr. suleimani would launch an \"imminent\" attack was weak, as communications between iran's supreme leader, ayatollah ali khamenei, and mr. suleimani, the u.s.-owned leader, showed that mr. camenei had not yet approved any of the general's offensive plans.


Defense Secretary Esper and Admiral Miller declined to comment, but Miller's spokesman, Colonel Hafhill (Col. DeDe Halfhill responded that part of the article was \"wrongly sourced\" but she did not elaborate.


Suleimani has always been a \"dangerous figure\" in the U.S. government, but Trump's two predecessors - Bush and Obama - had previously argued that killing Suleimani was an overly provocative practice. Mr. Trump has also continued his conservative program since taking office, but an attack on December 27 made him gradually change his attitude.


U.S. military bases in Iraq were hit by a rocket on December 27, killing a U.S. civilian contractor. Subsequently, senior defence officials presented the president with a preliminary list of options on how to respond to escalating violence against the United States in Iraq. Options include cracking down on Iranian ships or missile installations, or on Iranian-backed Iraqi militia groups.


< The New York Times quoted Pentagon and Trump administration officials as saying that Trump initially rejected the option of \"beheading\" Sulaymani on December 28, but when \"Iranian-backed militants\" attacked the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, he began to rage and change his mind.


Although U.S. government officials insist they do not expect full retaliation from Iran, in part because of divisions within the Iranian leadership. But the situation is escalating.


Tens of thousands of Iranians took to the streets to condemn U.S. attacks and anti-U.S. sentiments soared after three days of national mourning in Iran following the killing of Suleimani. On Thursday, the U.S. military remained vigilant as tens of thousands of Iraqi people marched on the streets of Baghdad amid growing calls for U.S. troops to be expelled.


The U.S. Central Command, which oversees U.S. military operations in the Middle East, said that two rocket attacks occurred near the Iraqi base in which the U.S. military was stationed, but no one was injured.


Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has vowed to \"exact severe revenge\" on the United States. Iran's foreign minister, mr zarif, said it was an \"act of international terrorism\" that had dangerously and foolishly heightened tensions and that the united states was responsible for all the consequences of its \"hooliganism \".


Esmail Ghani, the new commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps \"Al-Quds Brigade,\" warned the United States of the death of his predecessor, Suleimanni,\" We warn everyone, be patient and you'll see the bodies of Americans all over the Middle East.\"


In response, the State Department tweeted a \"security warning\" urging all U.S. citizens to leave Iraq immediately. The U.S. capital, Washington, D.C., was declared on alert on Thursday. The Pentagon has also ordered thousands of U.S. troops to be reinforced in the region.


Trump has also opted for tit-for-tat. On friday, local time, mr. trump re-tweeted iran with threats that if retaliated, u.s. forces would strike 52 of iran's most important targets, including cultural facilities.