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At the end of 2019, a tea factory dormitory in Ningde City, Fujian Province caught fire, and the fire gradually spread to the periphery. A nearly eight-year-old woman and her 5-year-old grandson were trapped in a burning house that was in danger of collapsing at any time.


Ningde Tea Factory is located in Jinhan Township, Jiaocheng District, Ningde City, and there are many townhouses in the factory area, built in the 1970s, using brick and wood structure. Around 11 a.m., as the power supply line was damaged, the flames suddenly leapt from one of the uninhabited unit rooms and grew larger, spreading to the perimeter.


In total, there were eight units in the burning quarters, with only four households living, and three being far from the point of fire. Another family lived next door to the burning unit, where there was an octogenarian woman and her five-year-old grandson.


Just at the time of the crisis, two middle-aged men, who were rented out in the teahouse dormitory, stepped forward. One is veteran Lin Ze, who rests during the day and works at night. Another is water and electricity master Lin Shengqun, just finished work. The two men caught fire and rushed to the fire to help.


The old woman is safe, but she has a child. At this time, Lin Shengqun went into the house to search for three rooms did not see the children. It turned out that the child was frightened, hiding in the quilt, wrapped tightly. Lin raised the quilt and picked up the child and rushed out of the fire.


Eventually, the two survived with the help of two Lin masters, while other nearby residents have been evacuated. Subsequently, firefighters and civilian police arrived at the scene.


Afterwards, the old woman's son told reporters that the family had a total of four people, their own day out to work, daughter in primary school, son in kindergarten. On the day of the incident, his mother and son were ready for lunch at home, and his son was frightened when he saw the fire next door and ran home to lock the door. Old mother in panic cannot open, their back door also because of being surrounded cannot go, the two people are trapped in the home, fortunately someone in time to reach out to help.


Reporters learned that the stand-up Lin Ze and Lin Shengqun, both old and young, they have two children, also have a 70-year-old people need to take care of.


After nearly 20 years of water and electricity work, mr. lin didn't go directly into the fire after finding the fire in the dormitory, but first found the switch on the fire. But it's such an unremarkable move that old women and children can be safer off the hook.


Fire rescue team rescue workers Wen Wei: the scene is relatively messy, in the suspension of wire, may be caused by the fire burning under the occurrence of shedding. Electric shock may occur if the wire is off and charged. Firemen arrive at the scene, the first time is to determine whether the power off, if there is no power off, we will also close the main gate.


Originally, because Ningde tea factory dormitory does not have the gas pipeline, every household uses the liquefied gas to cook. The distance between the dormitory and other houses is only four or five meters, and the liquefied gas tank has become the hidden danger of further spread of the fire.


Lin Ze: I heard someone outside say there were liquefied gas tanks in the house, when the fire was so strong that the kitchen was sealed up and pulled out to return the same way. Liquefied gas tanks to screw off the LPG hood to take out, at that time the heart is a bit empty. But only by rushing in and moving it away can it not explode. As soon as the liquefied gas tank came out, the old man's house had basically burned down.


Neighbours later joined the rescue team and moved the liquefied gas canisters from the burning townhouses to safety before firefighters arrived.